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Happy Sunday

Well I finally went on the motorway and used my car! So now I can call myself a driver! I went to Haylz's house and Natasha's so I can find them from mine now by myself. I can also get to mancland which is obviously beneficial. Woo hoo! I didn't even crash!
I got all excited about meeting The Killers on tuesday before... but general studies has killed that dream. Sigh
So yeah today was cool. Tomorrow is the endless day of frees for me as usual. So Natasha bring in that Glamour :p much obliged!
Yesterday was a lot of fun except Closer is the shittiest film ever, and Julia Robert's top lip continues to baffle me. Plus the waiters in Shere Khan are scary and excruciatingly slow.
Lets hope this next week is a little easier than the last one. x
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